December 4, 2021

Estelles Boston

Dubai – UAE

Myths about Debt Collectors

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A common person doesn’t know the rules when he have unpaid debts he doesn’t know how to handle such situation and at time dealing with a debt collection is really threatening they are people with some skills and knowledge about their entire field. So, it’s better to pay your unpaid debts. But these debt collections agents are not always right. There are some dishonest debt collection agents out there. So it depends what’s the information you get from the debt collection agency.

Sometimes, these debt collectors show you the other side which is the wrong side. They can show you some bogus unpaid debts with your name but at that moment you have right to use the debt validation process. By which you can oversee how much you have to pay to the main company.

There is myth that if you ignore a debt it will go away in sometime it is totally wrong. They might stop calling you but it will appear in your credit report. It will not disappear that’s the important part to remember. Same is the case with letter, but you miss a lot of facts in this time that you can’t apply for home loan, car loan or another loan. You have to pay your debt if you want any loan from bank. These debt collector will stop calling you if you tell them to stop. Let’s say you are at office and they call you and you tell them that your employer doesn’t allow such calls then the debt collector will stop calling you. If these debt collector agents call you at an uncommon time you can make a written request to make them stop calling you. But apart from that they have full rights to call you.

There is an option named at debt settlement, it is a good step for taking care of you unpaid debts. By acting on debt settlement you can settle your debt but it will not disappear right after that. This won’t help your credit report. If you settle your debt you will have zero balance of collection which is better than negative collection.

Debt collectors doesn’t have right to threaten you and mistreat you. They can’t force you to put you in jail right away. They don’t have any kind of such authority. Debt collectors go through long process by suing you and then gets a judgment of court against you and they can even garnish your wages after that.

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