September 26, 2022

Estelles Boston

Dubai – UAE

Different important areas of a warehouse

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Almost every business company is in need of a well designed warehouse where they could store their own manufactured products appropriately. Obviously the manufacturing is done in bulk quantity every day so it is necessary to have a proper area where all these products are packed and stored in the best possible way in order to be delivered safely to the clients. On the other hand warehouse is also very essential for storing your ordered raw material so that you could get it from there whenever it is needed. Warehouse design Dubai should be done by a professional architectural engineer who know all the demands and requirements of an appropriate warehouse.  For this purpose you can coordinate with several engineering consultants Dubai to get the most professional one. 

Loading and unloading areas

These areas are generally located independently away from the warehouse but still in its surroundings. This is because it require large space availability so that the trucks could easily come in for loading and unloading procedures. For this purpose the forklift vehicle is very important as it will handle all the goods from the warehouse to these areas. Then these forklift vehicles will load all the stuff in the truck through a ramp. Another option is also available that is roller conveyers in which there is no need of forklift or ramp.

Reception area

This area is quite important as it receives all the ordered material and on the other hand it will deliver your goods as well to the loading area. The purpose of this area is to ensure the quality and quantity of the packed products. This step of quality insurance require a separate place with no hindrance so generally reception areas are designed independently from the rest of the warehouse.

Storage area

Another important area of the warehouse is the storage area where all your products are stored. The storage could be done in different ways like either they are placed separately on the ground, or they can be stacked up and placed on the ground, or you could place them on racking units. All these methods will depend on the type and quantity of product. Storage in stacking provide a number of benefits like it will save a lot of your space but it should be done cautiously as different material have different capability to hold a particular weight so make sure that your stack’s height is appropriate.

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