August 19, 2022

Estelles Boston

Dubai – UAE

Quick and easy hacks to change your home interiors

2 min read

Although interior designing is the best option to enhance the functionality and overall appealing appearance of a place as it gives a perfect aesthetic touch to the interior. There are several house and office interior design companies in Dubai which offers a number of facilities to the customers. This is because office fit out company in Dubai is very much gravitating among people and each of them want their place to look perfect in terms of appearance. But for most of the people it is quite difficult to invest on hiring a skillful interior designer for their place. In such condition you can design your own interior by following some quick and easy hacks. Obviously this interior designing will not meet the caliber of a professional interior designer but still you can make your place aesthetically appealing by adding on creative ideas.

Use your old stuff

The first thing which have to be focused is the budget capacity so buying new stuff for the interior would not be possible. For this purpose you can reutilize your old stuff in the most creative way. Take out your old jars and bottles, paint them with beautiful colors, use glitters or whatever you have to make them beautiful. Then you can place these jars on your table top or you can also hang it in a corner while placing some beautiful flowers and lights in it.

Give a new look to old accessories 

If you are unable to replace your old furniture or accessories with the new one then there is nothing to worry about as you can still change their look by your own self. What you have to do is to take out your paint sprays and paint all your furniture with your desirable color. This will save a lot of your money.

Make your wall amazing

Obviously due to limited budget you would not be able to change your wall color but you can still change the look by using your creative skills. Like you can make your own pattern on the wall by using hand made stencils and paint sprays which will just completely change the look of your entire wall. You can also utilize some old newspaper and start sticking them on a wall to give a unique background.

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