June 28, 2022

Estelles Boston

Dubai – UAE

How to Become A Successful Female Orthopaedic Surgeon

2 min read

Undeniably men had taken the lead in the field of orthopaedic with females making just above 4% of the orthopedists. Although the problem is improving, it has not eliminated. There are various reasons that have led to these discrepancies. This huge difference owes to the general misconception that orthopaedic surgeons have to go an extra mile for their profession. With sleepless nights, constantly being on toes, and lack of time given to family, females tend to avoid the profession.

However, despite the incorrect notions, there are female orthopedic doctors in Dubai who continue to work with resilience and determination. Their courage has influenced many other females out there. The technological advances that have introduced many techniques and biomechanical tools have made the procedures far easier. There is more utilization of mental capabilities as compared to the physical one. These stereotypical notions have been broken down by an increasing number of females. They have managed to rule out a balance between their work and life outside work. The amount of flexibility enjoyed by them has encouraged many women. Next time you will look for a back pain specialist in Dubai you will surely come across female surgeons.

Another deterring factor for women pulling out of training or studies is that they look for female teachers. If they don’t find a woman to work with, they are less likely to pursue their career. There is slight hope of pushing down such barriers with the rise of women participation. This rise is encouraging for female students as well as it will increase the number of doctors who can reach to patients on time.

The contributions of such brave and intelligent women should be hailed. This has boosted the confidence of those already in the profession and reiterated their trust in the profession. Such increasing numbers are reflective of the strength and brain power of the society at large. Your interest is what matters. The fire of passion has the strength to overcome all hurdles and follow the desired path fearlessly.

Being a woman, there is nothing that you can’t achieve with the right effort and determination. You have a chance of being successful at any profession you choose despite the societal barriers. What counts is your persistence and determination towards your chosen path. With conviction there is nothing that cannot be achieved!

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