April 15, 2024

Things to look for in cash armored vehicle

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Are you looking to replace your old car with a top class armored car? If you are, then you should know that doing that will make you find and compare the features at the price they are offered for. You will find many interesting armored cars in UAE these days. The reasons are that they are in the fashion, they are trendy and make headlines in news bulletins. All that glittering aside, you must come to the original point. What makes you so inclined towards an armored car, after all you will find many people complaining about the mechanical complexities of these cars that may consume thousands to keep it in service? Well, there are other complications as well, as an armoring car in itself, but only when you have a reason to do so. Your armored car will help you stay safe during the day as well as the night time. The list of features in an armored car is often pretty long. You should make sure that it at least has the features that you are looking for. If it is the cash car, make sure it offers the following:

B7 level armoring

For those who don’t know, the B6 level armoring is considered as bullet proof. In essence, the armor blanket around the vehicle is thick enough to resist at least a 9mm bullet. This means that your cash vehicle is sufficient protection against small explosions and bullets, but what if you live in a city where criminal activities are very high? Perhaps they have exposure to higher caliber guns and B6 may prove to be insufficient – what will you do then? To address, you have two options. Either have your cash car discrete armoring of B7 level, or buy a completely new armored vehicle with desired thickness of bomb blanket.

Running gear

Armored cars offer many different benefits for users. Commercial users are often looking for stylish vehicles but this is not about style, rather the security of your staff is at stake here. You must invest in a car that offers adequate protection against any imaginable threat. The armored car you are looking for will sufficient protection to your car and staff.

At the end of the day, exploring many armored car services and shortlisting a suitable car for your needs is indeed the right thing to do. It will bring you the right car, which will help you fulfill your business needs.

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